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With nearly two decades of proactive support for over 1,500 families in our community, our success has always been driven by our passionate service, commitment to excellence, and building relationships through strong collaboration. But first, our success depends on our team. Are you ready to transform students’ lives?


Our success has always been predicated on our commitment to excellence, passionate service, and building relationships through strong collaboration. With dedicated pursuit, we practice these same principles, not only to empower and enrich our students' lives, but also our team. These fundamentals are the essence of our company culture, our team, and our environment that help guide everything we do together as a company.

Our team fosters camaraderie; we support, respect, trust, and care for each other. In order to impart these values to our students, we need to live them ourselves, collectively as a team, every day. We strive to be our best selves, so our students can be their best selves too.

We offer a competitive employee benefits package that includes:

Salaried Pay

Health Insurance


401K Benefits

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